Post Pop Art - Elisa Greenwood

2000 - 2016

put your heads together bakgat mercy tree of life between two worlds pianissimo wings of peace blue bodyguard waiting for change happy birthday weary travellers patchwork based on history under the star protector perspective green grass of home2 the greenwood choir extremes we walk the line lonely madonna for you in luck welded together hopeful witnessess letters to alois regal warrior urban legend mirror image windmill fighter paramount chief dynamic wings colour of love scarlett high in the sky scraps arrival stitched landscape picturesque youngsters taken from a satellite winter forest romance in the streets genetics proud parents a friend in need state property photo collage face of time companions coat of armor metal madonna victory hammer grip stone base doctor doctor red venice intimate secret written memories one life she lonely global network parallel lives birds of a feather 2 birds of a feather chicken wings mandela's rainbow nation caged chaos downtown sunbows red breaking through manits praying mantis 3 wise men pata pata a child is born introvert extrovert bound together rising unity symbiosis for whom the bell tolls the rings printed impressions chain chain chain 9 to 5 fishing for compliments sweet corn proud parents africa best wishes star gazers diva gloria hungarian rhapsody white washed guardian angel land ahead ahoi ship shape wind & water kenya couple silent solidarity hide and seek trio